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  • Posted August 17, 2010
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Mixology Recording Studios

Mixology Recording Studios offers the highest quality and efficiency when it comes to recording, mixing, and/or mastering your musical endeavor—and your work is of the greatest importance to them. They ensure care with every project, because they believe reputation is the cornerstone of power; and with only the finest engineers in the country, you are sure to be in great hands, as well as be confined in the most comfortable of settings.

Service and Professionalism is a priority at Mixology Recording Studios, where they treat every client as a Major Label client. Offering competitive rates that will rival any top-notch facility and engineering service in the city of Montgomery, Alabama and even the state and U.S, you cannot overlook the quality of your recording when it comes to your career. You focus on your product, while they focus on the outcome. What matters is not what facility that you go to, or the amount equipment you have to produce your music, but the experience of the engineer that will enhance, augment, and elevate your recording. Schedule an appointment with them at 334.356.3377, email them at, or @reply to them on they look forward to building your career, one recording at a time.

RDP had the pleasure of providing the following services to this platinum certified organization:

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design

Mixology Recording Studios Brand Identity