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  • Posted October 6, 2010
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The Business of Design Part I

The Business of Design:

In a series of posts I will be exploring the business of design.  In my attempts to outline a philosophy, some say that which can be applied to life in general. But these post will explore how design relates to business and the relationships created therein.

I feel that I should start off this post with a insight into my professional background, I have 8 years of experience in a management position from major corporation to mid-size businesses.  Within those 8 years I have been privy to access to many a thought process.  I was able to dialogue with basically everyone within any given organization from the janitor or should I say “ethnic” cleaning crew…all the way up to CEO’s, stockholders and even potential investors.  I have had extensive dialogue with countless small to medium sized businesses.  My thoughts within this post merely represent my observations and perhaps offer an alternate philosophy to the BUSINESS of design and marketing.

Within my role as a graphic designer over the past 10 years. I have had countless conversations with business owners, movers, shakers.  The reference is slightly different than that of a manager in my approach, nonetheless my experience as a manager affords me a slightly tailored approach.

I totally understand that this is a business, we’re all in the business of making the most profit as the smallest cost possible.  I’ll give you that all day and night, but allow me to highlight one fundamental truth in life. You get what you pay for…even more so…I would dare say that if business owners would treat their BRANDS the same way they treat themselves the world would be a better place.

Allow me to explain….in this world of fast-food consumption out-weighing home-cooked meals, a world where everybody, and everything everywhere is accessible within a few this world addicted to impulsive feedback, I think business owners in some cases lose the focus.

As I am speaking with clients regarding their projects I listen closely to the language used when they reference the product at hand. Does matter if we are discussing a 4×6 flyer, a menu, evite(web graphic), or another printed media. As a business owner, you requested my services to assist in increasing sales, maximize your brand’s awareness, reach your target market.

If I detect a condescending tone when referring to the product…as if a menu for your restaurant or bistro cant be a marketing tool, or that you really dont have a target market. I’m assuming to discourage me from taking my time and crafting an efficient communication strategy through to execution which carries a higher price tag.  Meanwhile your sitting their with $150 jeans on, shoes close to $200 and couple thousand on your finger.  The point is you wanted the finer quality of fashion to express your “personal brand” as to present a certain image.  Why not take that same approach with your professional brand?

Rather than view a design project as a expenditure, look at it as an investment. An investment into the future success of your organization.

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