• By remeoner
  • Posted August 17, 2010
  • In brand identity, graphic design, layout, logo design, print media, publication

The Design Collective

About 5 years I had a vision, among many might I add. But my vision was to somehow merge my passion for writing and graphic design into a publication.

Something easily portable, like the dimensions of a BACKJUMPS , yet visually smoothing.

I saw this publications lounging in salons and barbershops city-wide, in swanky hotel bathrooms and even your coffee table for visitors to peruse through.
I wanted the look, feel and read of it to offer a warm feeling. Almost like when you walk into a sweet smelling house and even after you leave you can still smell it.  Timeless. I also saw this publication to be a platform for other artists and writers to be heard, hence the brand The  Design Collective.

Needless to say this idea never took float, but if by chance you can even remotely grasp the vision, shoot me an email.