Project Description

Monsey Family Medical Center, also known as CMADC, has been serving the Monsey, New York community since 1993, providing a range of medical services under one roof. The center serves a dense Jewish population in the area, and its sensitivity to their religious needs is critical to the care it provides. Remeoner provided them a whole host of creative services.

New Doctor Announcements

As part of the creative services I provided to the center, I was tasked with creating new doctor announcements. The center frequently adds new doctors as it expands its services, and it was essential to communicate these changes to patients effectively. One of the challenges was ensuring that the messaging was consistent with the brand’s visual identity, tone, and style.

Creating a Brand Manual

To address this challenge, I developed a brand manual for the center, which includes guidelines for color, layout, and religious sensitivities. This manual streamlined the process of producing new doctor announcements, ensuring that they were visually consistent with the center’s brand identity.

Other Creative Services

In addition to new doctor announcements, I provided other design services to the center under contract. These services included signage and poster design, advertisements for magazines and newspapers, and letters. As part of these services, I worked with the center to ensure that all designs were consistent with its visual identity and brand guidelines.

In conclusion, working with the Monsey Family Medical Center allowed me to develop a brand manual that streamlined the process of creating new doctor announcements and provided other design services to the center. The work I did helped ensure that the center’s communications were visually consistent with its brand identity and provided vital information to the community it serves.

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