Project Description

Introduction: First Republic Lounge & Restaurant

First Republic Lounge & Restaurant is a beloved spot in the city of Elizabeth, known for its unique blend of food, art, and culture. They decided to refresh their menu design, and that’s where we came in. Having worked with First Republic on various projects before, we had a good understanding of their design tastes, and we knew exactly what was needed to update their menu.

Menu Design: Factors to Consider

When it comes to restaurant menu design, there are a few critical factors to consider, such as legibility, quality of photos, and overall design appeal. For the cover of the menu, we opted for a minimalist design that featured an interior photo of the restaurant. We wanted to create a sense of intrigue and invite the customer in with a window to the restaurant’s soul.

As customers open the menu, they’re met with easy-to-read text that’s legible even in low light. The use of high-quality photos draws the customer’s attention to the food itself, showcasing the colorful dimensions of the dishes. While we didn’t provide the photos in this case, the quality of the images they used was just what the menu needed to make a lasting impression.

Enhancing Functionality: Identifiers for Special Dietary Needs

The addition of identifiers for gluten-free, vegan, and other relevant details within the menu increases its overall functionality, making it easy for customers to identify what they want. This doesn’t take away from the menu’s design appeal but rather enhances the experience.

It was a pleasure working with First Republic on this project, and we’re proud to have contributed to their continued success. So next time you’re in the neighborhood and craving some Haitian cuisine, download their menu below, and see what delicious options they have to offer they are celebrating 10 Years of Food, Art, & Culture in 2023. 

Download Menu | Click here to view our entire First Republic Restaurant & Lounge portfolio.


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