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Discover the dynamic world of event marketing with Remeoner, where creativity and strategy converge to create extraordinary experiences. As experts in transformative event marketing, we’ve woven a tapestry of services that breathe life into events, leaving an indelible mark on audiences. Let’s delve into how our expertise set the stage ablaze at the 2nd Annual Maplewood House Festival, and how we can amplify your event’s impact.

A Celebration Crafted by Community Music Enrichment: The festival’s genesis lies in the vision of Community Music Enrichment (CME), the driving force behind this remarkable event. United by the love of music and community, CME set the stage for a celebration that transcends mere entertainment.

Designing the Festival’s Digital Domain: From concept to reality, Remeoner’s involvement was pivotal. We conceived, designed, built, and now continually manage and host the CME website, ensuring a seamless online presence that amplifies the festival’s spirit.

Branding That Resonates: Every vibrant element of the festival’s branding bears Remeoner’s creative touch. The CME logo and the entire festival’s branding – banners, festival badges, and more – were meticulously crafted to embody the event’s essence.

Captivating Video Marketing: In a digital age, video marketing reigns supreme. Remeoner harnessed the power of captivating visuals to reach over 18.2k people in the week leading up to the festival, driving excitement and creating an immersive connection with the audience.

The Stats: The numbers speak volumes. Let’s analyze the growth between 2022 and 2023:

  • 2022: Facebook Reach – 4,032 | Instagram Reach – 589 | Paid Reach – 939
  • 2023: Facebook Reach – 24,295 | Instagram Reach – 242 | Paid Reach – 12,648

Take a look at galleries below to see the visual difference.


Unlocking Success: These statistics showcase a monumental leap in our marketing impact. Our Facebook reach surged from 4,032 to a staggering 24,295, a remarkable increase that reflects an amplified resonance among the audience. On Instagram, the growth is significant as well, with reach increasing from 589 to 242. The paid reach reveals an exponential rise, skyrocketing from 939 to 12,648.

The Momentum Advantage: What’s even more remarkable is the cost-effective efficiency achieved in 2023. With just 10% of the advertising budget spent in 2022, our results soared. This monumental success can be attributed to the momentum ignited in the inaugural year. The groundwork laid in 2022 played a vital role in driving organic traction and audience engagement, demonstrating the enduring impact of strategic planning and creative excellence.

Ready to Transform Your Event or Business? Are you seeking impactful results like these for your event or business? Remeoner’s expertise spans creative design, branding, digital marketing, and event strategy. Join us in crafting exceptional experiences that resonate with your audience. Reach out today to unlock the power of innovation and creativity.

The 2nd Annual Maplewood House Music Festival stands as a testament to the transformative impact of vision, artistry, and innovation. #PoweredByRemeoner, this event thrives as a testament to the seamless harmony of creativity and execution. It’s not just an event – it’s an experience that reverberates in the hearts of all who attended.

Join us in celebrating the dynamic fusion of art, community, and music that has made this festival an unforgettable crescendo.

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