you might wanna be cautious of what you accept as the norm
how things are, versus how things just ought to be.

especially when others have an affect on your destiny
by virtue of their position of authority
they’re human just like you and me
therefore there will l be things they dont-wont know or see and/or capable, able
to ever be.

got-you asking will I ever be free.

cuz see they may create chaotic constructs…
projecting their (true) feelings onto you.
persuade’n the things you should and should not do, yet inferior to you

but by virtue of their title should be superior to you –
so confusion is the method they choose to use in attempts to earn an edge.

But i’m no fool – from the new old skool – so i know the ledge and i’m not easily moved.
For those who know we see right thru and do our best to educate the masses.
Like success is not really about kissing ass’s.

More like defining an identity – consisting of the individual as well as those surrounding.
Yet existing as one definitive entity.

Driven by a purpose and spoken with a clear voice.

Reminiscent of a stable composure
– decisive –
there’s a clear choice that defines your sense of closure.

when you can wash your hands and say its over…
and its over.

or perhaps that particular battle

for the system….
the war still grows on –
the revolution does not have to be televised – but it still goes on.
and only the strategic and those who are tactful will stand strong.
aware of the mental conditioning –
the difference between who you want to hear and who should be listening…
trains of thought preferred to simmer – so later as they’re revisiting…
yep! later on they’re just now getting it….
but at least they got it…
cuz everybody’s not promised….