I like the struggle, just tuh overcome. I like closure. conclude it.
look’n back, knowing that it’s done for a fact.

I like facts…that learn me a lesson.
It’s my means of survival when times is hard and I find myself stressing.
I like to find that release, so that i can intake a deeper understanding
of life. of my light…while living on this planet.

See I like moving forward.
That was the whole point of me mentioning my fondness of closure.

Elements of a Stable Composure.
Eat’n  on trials and tribulations.to make the HELL out of it…
not barely making it over.

I like creating waves, transport’n trains of thought.address’n you by your senses.

smelling you feeling me, seeing you hearing me, taste’n my sentences.
I like that.

I like making connections…
So I stay with a pen, pad and I stay uh sketching out my trials…
out my lessons.
imprinted on pages with no lines…no con-fines…defined with an eternal

so even when i die, the composure still remains, like the chains of slavery
the memory is engrained
times may change. yet fundamentals remain the same.

So I connect to make self-complete
I want peace when it’s sun outside, just as much as i want peace in my sleep

I like to address internal conflict.
address internal beef.

when ya mind feel a mush, stuck talking to yourself, like u been touched
consumed by the means of Confucius and the pressure u just feel too much.

your release could be that ur lying to urself. in attempts to fool everybody else.

Address internal conflict.

I like to motivate. create verbal mechanicals. that take lines gone curved
and make dem lines gone straight.
Dont like living in the past. I rather live up to date.


Up late downloading my driver updates.
Stable composures help you efficiently operate.
effectively moderate in ur face situations.

are u stable enough to feel me?

(I then merge with the darkness…fading away from the beaded microphone)

remeoner 2003