Co-founder Nasr Ismail’s dream of the Maplewood House Music Festival became a reality with Remeoner’s marketing expertise. Here’s how our partnership transformed a vision into a thriving event.

Nasr’s passion for music sparked the festival idea, but he needed the marketing and communications know-how to make it happen. Cue Remeoner, where our paths crossed unexpectedly, revealing the power of serendipity in business.

Within just two months, the 1st Annual Maplewood House Music Festival was born, a testament to the synergy of two ambitious partners. Remeoner’s role was pivotal, establishing the festival’s digital presence, branding, infrastructure, and marketing collateral.

Harnessing the power of visual storytelling, we created compelling video marketing content that captivated audiences and drove engagement. Despite the challenges, we embraced the learning curve, refining our approach to enhance the overall experience.

The results speak volumes. With each year, the festival’s reach and impact continue to grow exponentially. Facebook Event Posts served as a key marketing tool, generating significant interest and attendance figures.

  • Year 1: 103 attendees, 303 interested
  • Year 2: 369 attendees, 2,378 interested
  • Year 3: Over 2,228 interested within the first 2 weeks of a 20-Week promotional period

These numbers underscore the festival’s momentum and the effectiveness of our marketing strategy. As anticipation builds for the 3rd Annual Maplewood House Music Festival, we’re poised to elevate the event to new heights.

Join us as we write the next chapter in this success story. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Remeoner.

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